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About The Granite

The Granite is an all-purpose hardware and general store carrying everything from kitchenware to lawn furniture, as well as school and crafts supplies, home goods, and a large selection of toys and gifts.

If the Granite reminds you of the Woolworth's of your youth, it is because the Granite's first store was opened in 1947 by Frank Braga, a Portuguese immigrant from the Azores who emigrated to Massachusetts in 1938.  Without a high school education, Frank started working at Woolworth's as a stock boy.  In 14 short years, Frank had worked his way up from his meager beginnings as a stock boy to being the manager of the second largest Woolworth's store in the country.  Mr. Braga used his experience and knowledge gained during his tenure at Woolworth's to open his own general store on 546 Adams St. in East Milton, right next to the Granite quarry in Quincy Massachusetts.

This first store was very successful, run by both Frank and his wife Edna, a former bookkeeper at Woolworths's whom he had met at Woolworth's. Frank and Edna became an inseparable business team, and soon expanded this single presence into a chain of general stores that spanned the greater Boston area.    

Many of the stores were managed by immediate family members. 

The Martha's Vineyard store was opened in 1985 by Frank's son David, and continues to be a family run business.  We take pride in supplying the great people of Martha's Vineyard with a unique retail experience, combined with excellent customer service,   

Open year-round with a convenient location at the triangle, the staff at The Granite are ready to help you find what you need.

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